Opening Doors Is What I Do...

As your professional Real Estate Broker and Loan Officer my mission is to dedicate myself to making the process of buying or selling of your home as easy and satisfying as possible.  I will, at all times, respect the needs of each and every client I am commissioned to work for.  I will remain honest and forthright and will place your best interest in the highest regard throughout the process of our transaction. I will order to be a more effective realtor for my clients and I will strive for excellence at all times.

UBERco is a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage Firm founded and managed by Loren Uber in 2012. The company primarily focuses on Real Estate & Financial Services for US Military Veterans such as Navy SEAL's, Disabled Veterans, former Active Duty Service Members, Friends, Family, and Referrals. Loren Uber is a Military Advocate for the San Diego Veteran Community.
Working with UBERco, you will have many advantages. There are aprox. 5% of all Agents who are capable of performing both the Buyer & Loan Agent Services on the same transaction. Some may call it a conflict of interest, but I call it a "niche". I close transactions with Veteran Buyers where they have no out of pocket cost and receive 100% of their Escrow Deposit refunded back to them at closing. This is an opportunity for a buyer to get the best deal and financing at the same time when a seller does a credit for closing costs, I am the Loan Officer and Realtor who credits commission for discounting the interest rate to a lower price. In a situation where the seller will absolutely not credit any money for closing costs but you really like the property... I can credit money for closing costs, taxes, insurance, interest and you still get 100% of your Deposit back on VA Purchase Loan closings.
Many clients refinance with me later when the interest rates drop at no cost for them while they lower their monthly payment and save thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands in interest charges. I make house calls and come to them for the closing in all cases unless a client is outside of Southern California.
"Winning is not normal and those who constantly win follow an 'abnormal' path. The discipline, dedication and sacrifices are incomprehensible to those thousands standing outside, looking in, who are capable of joining the winning team, yet unwilling to pay the price of admission. Winners win a fair effort, on a level playing field; because they deserve to win...they willingly pay their dues in full, time after time, after time." - Former Navy SEAL and BUD/S Instructor